If you have any of the following, please call our office before coming in for your appointment: Fever AND cough; Fever OR cough and recent travel (domestic or international to any destination); Recent international travel to areas impacted by the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) within the last 14 days; OR close contact with someone who has traveled outside the US or been exposed to the Coronavirus. Learn more

MOHC announcement about Dr. Michael Guarino


About Us

Delaware’s Largest Cancer Treatment Group

We are affiliated with the US Oncology Network, which is one of the nation’s largest networks of integrated, community-based oncology practices that are dedicated to advancing high-quality, evidence-based cancer care.

Our board-certified physicians in Hematology and Medical Oncology and Palliative Care Medicine have trained and held faculty positions in nationally and internationally recognized academic centers. Our physicians have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases and disorders of the blood.

We are major contributors to National Cancer Institute sponsored and Pharmaceutical sponsored clinical trials; and our affiliation with the US Oncology Network provides expanded access to additional clinical trial options. Our physicians hold National leadership positions contributing to clinical research trials and education.

We provide up to date, state of the art care, including Bone Marrow and Stem cell transplant, CAR-T therapy, Immunotherapy, genomic tumor analysis and directed therapies, genetic counseling.